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Grants Available through Health Care Reform

New York has received the following grants:


Health Insurance

Medicaid/Long Term Care

Public Health/Workforce

The following federal grants are currently available to non-State entities:

  • Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP) Program
    • Eligibility: To be eligible to apply for a loan under the CO-OP program, an applicant must intend to become a CO-OP and have formed a private nonprofit member organization. Additional eligibility information is required and described in the funding opportunity announcement.
    • Description: Section 1322 of the Affordable Care Act created the Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan program (CO-OP program) to foster the creation of new consumer-governed, private, nonprofit health insurance issuers, known as "CO-OPs." In addition to improving consumer choice and plan accountability, the CO-OP program also seeks to promote integrated models of care and enhance competition in the Affordable Insurance Exchanges established under sections 1311 and 1321 of the Affordable Care Act. The statute provides loans to capitalize eligible prospective CO-OPs with a goal of having at least one CO-OP in each State. The statute permits the funding of multiple CO-OPs in any State, provided that there is sufficient funding to capitalize at least one CO-OP in each State. Congress provided budget authority of $3.8 billion for the program. The statute directs the Secretary to give priority to applicants that will offer CO-OP qualified health plans on a Statewide basis, will use integrated care models, and have significant private support.
    • Deadline: The first round application due date is October 17, 2011. Subsequent quarterly application due dates are: January 3, 2012; April 2, 2012; July 2, 2012; October 1, 2012; and December 31, 2012.